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شروط ومتطلبات التقدم لمناقصة إنشاء مبنى معهد البحوث والدراسات العربية بمدينة 6 اكتوبر   


Following its successful participation at the AVEX Expo 2008, Hamza Associates joined other international firms that are active in the aviation industry at the AVEX International Air Show Exhibition held on 7-10 November 2010 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Hamza Associates presented renderings of its engineering design services at the New Sohar International Airport in the Sultanate of Oman and at the new Cargo City at Cairo International Airport. Details of our work on these projects may be found in the Transportation section of this website.





 The International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, the Egyptian Geotechnical Society, the Government of Egypt, and the city of Alexandria hosted the 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering and parallel technical exhibition (5-9 October 2009). Dr. Mamdouh Hamza, Founder and Principal of Hamza Associates, served as the Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee, and Dr. Marawan Shahien, Hamza Associates Senior Geotechnical Engineer, served as the Committee's Secretary General.

Nearly 1,200 geotechnical and ground engineering professionals from 84 countries attended this quadrennial event, which ranks among the premier events in the field of geotechnical and ground engineering worldwide. The venue was the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the spectacular, recreation of the ancient great library of Alexandria. Hamza Associates won several international engineering awards for its work on the project, which included detail design and engineering services throughout the project's planning period. We also served as Resident Engineer during construction.




Hamza Associates was awarded the CNBC Arabian Commercial Property Award for Architecture in Egypt for its design achievements (architectural, structural, and electromechanical) on Orascom for Hotels & Development's 5,000 unit Low Cost Housing project in Egypt's 6th of October City.



Hamza Associates celebrated its engineering achievements at the North El Sukhna Port and Mubarak Pumping Station in Egypt. Participants included Egyptian government officials, international contractors and consultants, representatives of engineering publications, and engineering association officials.  Project presentations were given at the sites.  In addition to visiting the project sites, guests had the opportunity to see some of Egypt's ancient and modern tourist attractions in Cairo, Aswan, and Abu Simbal, as well as experience world renowned Egyptian hospitality for dinner and entertainment on a cruise on the River Nile.



Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak officiated at the inauguration of the Mubarak Pumping Station in Toshka, New Valley.  Dr. Mamdouh Hamza represented Hamza Associates, of the Lahmeyer-Hamza Consortium, at the opening ceremonies.  The Lahmeyer-Hamza Consortium served as the design engineer for the pumping station, the second largest pumping station in the world.




To celebrate its geotechnical and civil engineering achievements on the East Port Said Port quay wall project, Hamza Associates held a unique 3-day event for invited guests. Participants, which included Egyptian government officials, international consultants and contractors, representatives from specialized engineering publications, and members of engineering associations, attended the Opera Aida on the Pyramids Plateau in Cairo, visited the magnificent new Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria (another Hamza Associates award-winning project), and enjoyed a reception on site at the quay wall in East Port Said, followed by presentations and a luncheon in Port Said.




Excerpt from Engineering News Record: "'Mamdouh Hamza, founder of Cairo-based Hamza Associates, designed a 1,200-meter quay wall to be built on clays and soil so unstable that engineers originally dismissed the site as impossible. The East Port Said project will serve as a crucial new trade hub in the eastern Mediterranean. Hamza devised a four-barrette-series structure supplemented by a continuous diaphragm wall of T-shaped panels that hold up in eight soil layers, producing cost savings of 25% over conventional methods."